How to choose a family lawyer - the right solicitor for you.
4 July 2018

A recent media story referred to a lady who, in an 'on-the-cheap' divorce, sued her solicitors for negligence.

The wife reportedly claimed her solicitor did not explain that a financial consent order means nothing until approved by a court, or warn her of the risks of implementing any clauses before its approval.

So how do you know how to choose the right divorce and family law solicitor for you?

Check online for a specialist in their field. Make sure that they are members of Resolution, the solicitors’ family law association.

Does the firm offer its clients all forms of dipute resolution? We offer the lot: family arbitration, mediation, collaborative law and litigation. We can explain, and arrange, round table meetings aimed at settlement as well as private Financial Dispute Resolution hearings (FDRs).

Ring up family law solicitors and talk to them.

A few years ago, my team was contacted by a mystery shopper. Unknown to any of us, our then marketing team had arranged the exercise to see how we performed against our local, and not so local, rivals. We came top.

When we saw the results, we could not believe how many of our competitors would not let a "potential client" speak directly with any of the legal team, having to explain their story to a secretary or a receptionist in eavesdropping distance of folk in the waiting room.

Even those who did get to talk to a solicitor received no follow up whatsoever. What they would have wanted was perhaps an email or a letter which might give details of likely fees and the documentation to be gathered together.

It is normal for one of our lawyers to speak on the telephone initially to a prospective client without any fees being incurred. We don’t shout about that. We see it as the right and proper thing to do. This helps the individual get their documents together, meaning that they hit the ground running at their first face-to-face meeting. It is entirely confidential and aimed at helping you, the client, hitting the ground running.

As for the negligence case against the nameless law firm, it appears to have settled on a confidential basis.

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