Divorce centre delays: an update
15 June 2018

The divorce centre for London & the South East at Bury St Edmunds has disclosed updated figures on it processing timescales today, 15 June, as follows:

"Our current work position is

We are currently processing: petitions received on 30th May 2018

• Acknowledgement of Service received on 9th May 2018

• applications for Decree Nisi received on 4th May 2018

• correspondence and emails received on 4th May 2018

• Form A's received on 25th May 2018'

• Consent order applications received on 25th May 2018

the divorce centre for London & the South East

• Decree Absolutes received on the day

The Judiciary are currently processing:

• applications for Decree Nisi received on 19th April 2018. Once seen by Judiciary which will take approximately 29 Days, the administration staff will then process the decision within 28 days. If the application is granted a pronouncement date will be set for a further 4-5 weeks on from processing.

• applications received on 29th April 2018, the answer to these will be processed by the admin team in approximately 59 working days from that day".

Tony Roe, principal of Berkshire-based Tony Roe Solicitors,said, "I spoke to a senior official at the Courts Service yesterday about these issues. It seems that certain strategies are already in place aimed at reducing the backlog. Some inroads appear to have been made this week in the issue of petitions. However, a backlog with administrative staff of 59 working days is alarming.

I understand that there will be an announcement shoirtly".

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