New Rules - New forms. Form A, Form A1 and D50C
4 June 2018

The Family Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2018 come into force on 4th June 2018, see GOV.UK link above.

I was informed last week that Form A and Form A1 had been revised following HMCTS discussion with members of the Financial Proceedings Working Party of the Family Procedure Rule Committee. These changes are in consequence of the amendments to Part 9 FPR to provide for financial remedy applications to be dealt with through the standard procedure or fast-track procedure, as appropriate.

Form A can be found here:

These rule amendments were published in the Family Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2018 Also updated on 4 June 2018 s Form D50C: Application on ground of failure to provide reasonable maintenance.

HMCTS says that it is not proposing to make any changes to the financial statement forms E, E1 or E2.

Post the introduction of the GDPR, HMCTS has also provided a copy of the privacy notice for family court forms. This is also available on and handed by court staff to all applicants requesting paper copies of a form. Respondents will also receive a copy of this form when first notified about these proceedings. Where an applicant is responsible for service of the court papers, court staff will provide sufficient copies of the privacy notice for each respondent.

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